The death cycle pitfalls in the Startup, Venture Building, and Product Development are:

Developers are expensive

To afford great developers, you need funding

To get traction, you need great developers

Turning to offshore, cheap developers that drain time and money

Most founders burn valuable cash in the pre-Series A cycle of death

To get funding, you need traction

Locking in off-the-shelf software that breaks under basic needs

Chasing great, local talent who will never leave cushy jobs

We made these mistakes until we learned that…

We Ensure:

Lightning-fast iteration

Absurdly low cost

Time for user feedback

Grow the company

Focus on strong soft skills

Founder-friendly services

Launch a fully functional product in weeks

Transparent pricing. Rapid iterations. Break the pre-Series A cycle of death.

From web to mobile apps, we can build all the software workflows you need to delight your customers.